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Facility: PracticePoint
Name Model Description External Rate Internal Rate
C-Arm Fluroscope Siemens Arcadis Orbic 3D

C-Arm fluroscope with 3D cone-beam CT imaging option. Field of view is about 12cm. Fluroscope cannot be used for human subject imaging.

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3-Axis CNC Mill with 12"X10"X14" workspace, 20 tool changer, and 30,000 RPM spindle.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors OSENSA FTX-300-LUX+

Fiber optic temperature sensors and DAQ. 3 sensors with 10m fiber extensions allow the sensors to be routed into the MRI room through a wave guide for MR safe noise-free temperature measurements during studies.

Flexible Endoscope Video Processor and Light Source Olympus CV-180 and CLV-180

Video processor for Olympus 180 series flexible endoscopes. Backwards compatible with some older Olympus scopes. No endoscopes are currently available through PracticePoint, research teams must source the scope applicable to their research

NNL Headset fMRI Vision system NordicNeurolab VisualSystem HD

A heads up display and headphone system for presenting visual and auditory stimuli to subjects in the MRI machine. Combined with the fMRI pulse sequences on the GE scanner, stimuli can be presented to subjects and neural response based on BOLD signal can be measured.

Force Plates AMTI OPT400600

2 force plates with force/torque measurement. The OPT400600 integrate with the vicon motion capture system to provide measurements of center of pressure and ground reaction forces. Mounted flush with the floor of the motion capture lab using an AMTI rail mounting system.

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Formlabs Form 2 Formlabs Form 2

Stereolithography 3D printer with 145X145X175mm build volume and minimum layer height of 25 microns. A range of materials with different appearances and material properties are available depending on application.

Universal Laser Laser Cutter Universal Laser Systems PLS6.150D

150W dual laser sysem with 32" x 18" x 8.5" workspace. This laser cutter is capable of processing acrylic, wood, and other select plastics.

Markforged Mark Two Markforged Mark Two

FDM 3D printer with 320X132X154mm build volume and minimum layer height of 100 microns. The printer uses a proprietary "Onyx" base material composed of nylon impregnated with chopped carbon fiber. Layers of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or kevlar fiber reinforcement can be added between layers.

Markforged Metal X Markforged Metal X

Metal 3D printing process composing of an FDM 3D printer, a wash station, and a sintering oven. Parts can be printed with stainless steel, inconel, tool steel, or copper.

Motion Capture System Vicon Vantage V5

10 Camera marker-based motion capture system with sub mm accuracy and full room capture volume. Installed in purpose-built motion capture lab and integrated with other biomechanics tools

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MRI Machine GE Signa Premiere

3T MRI with 70cm bore. Full suite of imaging coils and scan sequence options. The MRI can be used for IRB approved human subject imaging, device testing, and phantom imaging.

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Rigid Endoscope Camera System Stryker HD-1288

HD Camera head and light source for use with rigid endoscopes. A small selection of standard rigid scopes are available for use.

Split-Vision SMT Rework System Manncorp RW1210

Rework station for soldering fine-pitch components with hidden pads. The rework station has two cameras to simultaneously look at and align the circuit board footprint with the bottom of the surface mount component. Places components to within 0.01mm accuracy.

Protomax Water Jet Cutter ProtoMAX

Waterjet cutter with 12"X12" workspace and 30,000 PSI pump. This waterjet can process most materials including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

Wireless EMG/IMU System Delsys Trigno

16 Channel wireless EMG system with 16 avanti surface mount EMG sensors for measuring muscle activation. These sensors also include accelerometer, gyro, and magentometer measurements for quantifying body motion.

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